Booking Rules 2022–2023

2022–2023 new rules are in place due to COVID see below:

  • The main foyer will be considered the main entry point to the lodge for all incoming members/guests as per NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan.

  • To help us extensively clean your room and common areas, we'd appreciate all guest/member luggage and food being relocated to your car upon check out. 

  • All bookings during WINTER SEASON must have a Friday or Sunday Check-in/Out day

  • 2 nights stay (Check-in Friday, Check-out Sunday)​

  • 5 nights stay (Check-in Sunday, Check-out Friday)

  • 7 nights stay (Check-in Sunday, Check-out Sunday)

  • Check-in 4pm - Check out 9am

  • Booking the Suite 

  • A minimum booking of 4 people is required, with a maximum of 6 people when booking the entire suite (including the bunk room).


  • Payment Terms

  • All bookings require 100% payment at the time of booking.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER - THERE ARE NO SPECIFIC ROOM REQUESTS.  Our booking officer will allocate rooms according to booking sizes and lodge availability to maximise occupancy.

Let's keep Redbank COVIDSafe - Redbanks COVID policy
  • Redbank Lodge in 2022 has a blanket - no refunds policy. 
  • It is up to the individual member/guest to ensure they and all family members are healthy and symptom-free prior to arrival at Redbank Lodge – if you feel at all sick, stay home!
  • There will be face masks and hand sanitizer available around the lodge, we recommend/encourage they be used.
  • No visitors of members and guests are allowed in the lodge - to minimise the potential for COVID-19 to enter the lodge. 
  • Social distancing guidelines will be enforced in the lodge itself. i.e. number of people in all common areas etc will need to be adhered to at all times. The limit of people in the common areas (kitchen, dining, and lounge rooms) will be determined and displayed at the lodge.

  • It will be expected that each member will bag up their bed linen, and clean their room/ensuite/bathroom, upon departure.

  • Please remember your hygiene and social distancing are linked to the welfare of our Lodge manager, her family, and all other members in residence.

  • Finally, if any member/guest staying in the lodge or the managers become unwell and are COVID-19 positive, the lodge may need to be evacuated and the affected person and or family will need to leave immediately.

  • Any booking after a COVID-19 contraction will be notified and room availability may be delayed, as per the need for a “deep clean” and to maintain the Redbank Lodge’s adherence to its COVID-19 Guidelines and Action Plan as per the NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan.

All of the above is subject to change as Redbank Lodge monitors and reviews any changes made in the NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan.