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What's on

To help you plan your trip to Thredbo, we've jotted down some of the big event items for the year.

Easter eggs under a chairlift in Thredbo
Family walking their bikes by Thredbo river
Guests standing around firepit outside Redbank Lodge


Sunday 5th–Friday 10th – Mountain Biking Interschools

Friday 24th–Sun 26th – Aussie Kids Camp


Thursday 6th – Full Moon Hike to Mt Koscuiszko

Friday 7th–Tuesday 25th – Easter Adventure Carnival

Sunday 9th – Easter Bunny Visit (Lindt)

Sunday 2nd–24th – Thredbo Gravity Series


Sunday 21st – AAA (Redbank) 61st AGM, Sydney

Friday 24th–Sun 26th Aussie Kids Camp


Friday 9th–Sunday 11th – Winter 2023 Opening Weekend

Sunday 25 June–Sunday 2 July – Private school holidays

Friday 30th June–16 July – July Kids Snow Festival


Sunday 2nd–Sunday 9th – All schools on holidays

Sunday 9th–Sunday 16th – All schools on holidays

Monday 17th–Friday 21st: Thredbo Uni Week

Thursday 20th–Saturday 22nd – Thredbo Masters
Wednesday 26th–Sunday 30th – Redbank's Men's Week


Saturday 12th – Senior Interclubs


Sunday 3rd–Thursday 7th – UniSport Nationals Snow


Redbanker fly-fishing in Thredbo River
Grid of children BMX riding in Thredbo
Snowy view from the top of Redbank lodge
Redbank skiiers jumping off bluff edge in Thredbo
Group photo of Redbank Men's Ski Weekend
Christmas tree in Redbank Lodge's main loungeroom
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