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All members please book via the Member's section. 

Memberships for sale

May 18, 2019

There are currently 4 Redbank memberships for sale

2 x Family Memberships (A family membership is: 2 Adults; children covered until the age of 25)

3 x Single memberships (1 Adult)


If you know someone who wants to join, contact the President at


Not sure what the process is?

To become a member, you must have stayed twice a Redbank, be nominated by 2 current members and take part in an interview (phone, or in person) with at least one current Director. The latter isn't to scare you. We want to make sure you have ample opportunity to talk to the current Board about your responsibilities and rights as a member, understand a little bit of our past, and chat about our finances or plans so you feel comfortable with this investment. Our membership process ensures Redbank stays one big happy family.

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