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Men's Ski Challenge - 2024 PROGRAM

Members, and their guests, are welcome to join our annual Redbank Men's Ski Challenge Event.

OUR MISSION: To have great fun with old and new friends, enjoy food and wine while improving our skills on the slopesThe objective will be for each of you, to have a great time, with the "challenge" element a personal one. If you want to cruise, no problem, if you want to improve your skiing the opportunity will certainly be there!

How to Book?

To secure your SLAP 2024 place:

  1. Book and pay for your accommodation online: selecting either 4- or 7-night stay, and

  2. At a later date, you'll receive an invoice for the base Program.
    This invoice will cover catering, instruction, and everything else that makes SLAP, SLAP

  1. Accommodation options:

    • Core 4-Night Program: 

      • Arrive Wednesday 24th July 

      • Depart Sunday 28th July.

      • Accommodation:
        $459. Guests: $917.70.


    • Core 7-Night Program: 

      • Arrive Sunday 21st July 

      • Depart Sunday 28th July.

      • Accommodation:
        $676.20. Guests: $1,352.40.

  2. Men's Ski Challenge Program Cost:

  • What's Included?

    • 3 x Full Day Group Ski/Snowboard Lessons (Thursday–Saturday)

    • 4 x Hearty Dinners prepared by in-house Masterchef Geita (Wednesday–Saturday)

    • 4 x Hot Breakfasts, Tea, and Coffee (Thursday–Sunday)

    • Assorted Afternoon Snacks and Drinks (although BYO is encouraged, especially if you have specific alcohol-related needs!)

      Members/Guests: $1,250 

***WANT TO STAY WITH YOUR MATE? When booking, please add in the "special requests section" if you're a skier or boarder, and your preferred accommodation groupings to assist in room allocation***

Members: don't forget your credits

Your "Redbank Member Discount Code - 2024" were issued by email in late February. If you cannot locate your email, please contact Admin. If you do not use the full value of your discount code, please contact Bookings and Admin with your booking reference number and current discount code number. You'll be reissued a new discount code for the unused value.


  • Approx. 6 hours of instruction per day over 3 days – Thursday to Saturday.

  • Group sizes are determined by the number of program attendees.

  • Normally, 6 groups of 5–7 similarly skilled people, each with their own instructor.

  • Instructors can fine-tune group arrangements once we’re on the mountain. 

  • The program usually starts 9.30am, finishing ~3.30pm (lunch on the mountain).

  • Tuition is a structured program, set to your skill level, developing short and long-radius turns, carving, bumps, race gates and (conditions permitting) handling powder snow.

  • Video recording of classes helps facilitate a daily review of individual progress over the course of the program, plus a few good laughs as we unleash our own "Warren Miller" style movie for Saturday’s awards night!

  • Some years, when suitably deep quality snow, groups have taken the opportunity to ski to Dead Horse Gap. These trips likely occur on Tuesday–Wednesday.


  • Beds are allocated by the Booking Officer, with the help of our coordinating team.

  • The lodge's rooms sleep between 2–6 individuals.

  • Beds will be made for you on arrival.


  • Breakfasts and dinners are fully catered in-house. A range of nibbles are supplied each afternoon.

  • Please let us know if there are any dietary requirements.

  • A selection of quality wines and beers are supplied.

  • If you have preferred alcoholic beverages, best to bring them with you. Thredbo’s liquor outlet offers a relatively narrow selection and high prices.

AWARDS: Over the years, seeking fame and glory, attendees (and occasionally an instructor) have excelled in one of the following Award’s categories:

  • Best on-mountain crash in both a leading role and (occasionally) in a supporting role (the causal factor),

  • Most improved, and

  • Fashion awards (Best (& Worst) dressed), often involving contentions fit for trashy reality TV – judging scandals and a wide variety of outfit expenditure, all for the accolades of winning this coveted award (and the piddly prizes involved!).


  • Late July snowfalls provide a remarkably reliable time to ski in Australia.

  • Even in sparse snow years, the timing of snowfalls, snowmaking, and event structure has seen the most enjoyable skiing.

  • It’s an outdoor pursuit with poorer weather occasionally curtailing the length of some days (causing the odd long lunch!). These killer rain days are relatively rare.


  • Book lift tickets direct from the Thredbo store, loading on to your MyThredbo card.

  • Discounts are available when purchased in advance.


  • If driving, you'll need a National Parks sticker and a suitable car (or carry chains).

  • We strongly recommend carpooling to load on parking (Redbank has 5 allocated spots in the top carpark) and to increase the camaraderie within the group.

  • If the top carpark is full, you can park your car at the long-term lots down at Friday Flat.

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